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Profile: Calum Clarke

Calum Clarke fabric HackettCalum Clarke was the winning weaver in the Monty Don’s, Real Crafts programme on More4 TV channel on 19th March 2014. His woven textile was selected by Jeremy Hackett to be used for a limited edition of bags for men. The range should be available in Sept 2014
Calum Clarke_Hackett bag

Calum is an award winning Textile Designer, specialising in hand-woven fabrics – he creates unique and experimental pieces for fashion, accessories and interiors. His distinctive style is informed and inspired by aspects of architectural Design.

Proportion, scale and geometric qualities are all integral parts of his design process.

Calum completed a BA(Hons) Textile Design degree at Central Saint Martins’ in 2013. In his final year he was awarded a top scholarship and the Stuart Hollander Memorial Scholarship 2013 from the Worshipful Company of Weavers.
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Monty Don’s Real Craft: Weavers

Monty Dons Real CraftMon 19th May, 9-10pm: More4

In the final show of the series Real Craft, Monty meets three trainee weavers who are competing for a commission that could seriously put them on the road to a career as professionals, with the winner’s work set to be sold internationally as part of a collection for the luxury menswear brand Hackett.

The three are put under the tutorage of Ptolemy Mann, a master weaver and textile designer whose clients range from the Hilton Group to Sotheby’s.

The three trainees are 24-year-old Juliet; single mum Aviva, who went back to college five years ago to study weaving and hopes to one day earn enough money from the craft to put her own daughter through university; and 22-year-old Calum. But will any of them prove good enough to represent an international brand?

Series Prod: Kate Morey; Exec Prod: Tim Quicke; Prod Co: Ricochet

Print/Weave dual city course: London/Istanbul

csm weave workshop1low resDual City Course
Istanbul/London: Print /Weave
16th June – 11th July

Istanbul 16th June – 26th June
Taught by Nesrin Türkmen, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

The 2 week course in Istanbul will introduce you to screen printing on textiles and give the opportunity to create your own collection of printed textiles by utilising the same pattern with a variety of compositions and colour combinations. Studio and workshop sessions will be complemented by visits to places of interest, such as bazaars to buy woven/printed fabrics

Week 1 will concentrate on building design and preparing screens for printing.
Week 2 will be based in the workshop creating various techniques and compositions to make printings on various fabrics. The course aims to introduce you to screen-printing and provide the confidence to experiment printing on your own fabrics.

London: 1st – 11th July
Taught by Ayse Simsek, Central Saint Martins, University or The Arts London.

The second part of the course will take place in Central Saint Martins’ weave department where you will create a collection of hand-woven fabric samples using a table-top loom, inspired by your time in Istanbul and the prints you produced there.

You will be introduced to hand weaving starting with the technical aspects of loom set-up and how it can affect the final product leading to you making your own samples. By rotating round a number of looms during the nine days you will have an opportunity to create a variety of different samples using different techniques – combining different yarns colours and weave patterns to create something unique to you. You will create a collection of beautiful samples that will be an impressive addition to your portfolio.

No experience of weave is required to attend this course; however you will be expected to develop your own weave designs and patterns so some design experience will be useful.
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