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Ruthin Craft Centre: As William Morris said…..

Ruthin Craft Centre Image2014“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

The Ruthin Craft Centre currently have an exhibition of contemporary craft objects, curated by Gregory Parsons, which have been designed and made by individuals whose creative practice the Gallery believe would engage and intrigue the influential Victorian.

Dates: 26 July – 21 September 2014

Exhibiting: Andrew Clancy / Jason Collingwood / David Colwell / Sebastian Cox / Jenny Crisp / David Frith / Kevin Gauld / Tanya Gomez / Joseph James Hartley / John Leach / Mourne Textiles / Gareth Neal / Catarina Riccabona / Michael Ruh / Daniel Smith / Philip Stevenson / Edward Teasdale / Richard La Trobe-Bateman / Derek Wilson.

Weaver Catarina Riccabona is among the exhibitors.  She designs and makes cushions, scarves and throws with each piece being hand-woven on a traditional loom and produced from start to finish in her studio in Southeast London.

Catarinas’ work is often inspired by tribal textiles, vintage grain sacks and linen towels as well as by memories of textiles from her childhood like mattress ticking or antique kilims. The look of her work is also determined by her very eco-friendly choice of yarns: linen, hemp, wool and alpaca (all undyed/unbleached and sourced from the UK and Europe).

Catarina_19.4.14 0942Coloured yarns are plant-dyed or second-hand (from donations) or simply the natural colour of the animal fleece. Her work can also be seen in The New Craftsmen outlet in Mayfair.

Catarina is also featured on The Crafted Studio  in a video. The Crafted Studio is a website in which the Independent craft researcher Grace Reff  travelled to Europe to meet and interview selected contemporary craft makers. She presents edited versions of the studio interviews in both printed and video formats on the site.

Other  weavers featured in the exhibition.
Mourne Textiles
Jason Collingwood

Jenny Chrisp

Images and Text from Ruthin Craft Centre website, Catarina Riccabona and Grace Reff



Profile: Beatrice Larkin

Beatrice Larkin 2Beatrice Larkin is a London based woven textile designer. After finishing her MA in Textile Design at The Royal College of Art, Bea has been focussing on starting up her own textile design business.

She has most recently been part of The Craft Council’s Hot House scheme for emerging makers and a recipient of The Cockpit Arts/Clothworkers Foundation Award 2014.

This year she has exhibited work at The Heals Modern Craft Market and the touring Rising Stars exhibition as well spending six weeks teaching fashion and textiles at The International Institute of Fine Arts, India.

By using traditional Dobby weaving alongside the capabilities of the computerised Jacquard loom Beatrice manipulates her hand drawings, offsetting patterns and scales to meet unexpectedly and blurring lines to create fabrics with a distinctively soft and sympathetic take on geometric textile design. Continue reading →

Aki Inomata: I Wear the Dog’s Hair, and the Dog Wears My Hair

Aki Inomata 14Aki Inomata is a Japanese artist who collected the hair of a dog called Cielo and her own hair over a number of years, spun and wove the fibres and then made clothes out of her hair for the dog and out of the dog’s hair for herself so that they would be ‘exchanging coats’.

This is a piece of work,  she says that “examines the relationship between a human and their pet, and gives form to this concept”.

The work has been presented as a video installation and as two garments at Hagiso gallery Japan. The following images are stills taken from the video and more work can be seen on her website.
Aki Inomata 01Aki Inomata 07Aki Inomata 09-1Aki Inomata 10Aki Inamoto 12

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Conference: Textiles, Communication & Politics

The Textile Society Logo



The Textile Society: 32nd Annual Conference

Dates: 7 Nov – 9 Nov 2014
Wellcome Centre
Euston Road,
London. NW1 2BE

The Textile Society conference, will take place over the weekend of Rememberance Sunday, in the centenary year of the First World War, and will explore the theme of textiles and politics.

The Saturday will feature a number of papers that explore different aspects of this fascinating topic. Study trips are being planned for the Friday morning and Sunday morning, and a conference dinner on Friday evening. The AGM will take place on Friday afternoon.

Details will be updated on their website as they become available. Notices of updates will be posted on twitter, so follow us to be sure to keep up to date.

image Textile SocietyDetails
The political nature of textiles can be evidenced through cloth past and present, from many different cultures. Through textiles we communicate
personal and social narratives and engender cultural identity. Textiles can be the conduit to bring people together in society, revealing shared values and concerns. Textiles can commemorate events and act as propaganda or social commentary, they can tell our stories and shape our ideas. The history of textiles is highly politicised. Textiles are part of a hierarchical value system where high and low art distinctions are drawn between fine art and craft, where textiles and gender are inextricably linked. Textiles have served the political purpose of institutions and individuals but also challenged them.

The 2014 Textile Society conference explores the theme of Textiles, Communication and Politics from historical and contemporary perspectives. Confirmed speakers include: Textile historians and conservators Jacquie Hyman and Vivian Lochhead, textile practitioners Paddy Hartley (Project Façade), Nigel Hurlstone, Claire Barber, Gavin Fry and Lynn Setterington, and fair trade and textile manufacturing specialists Seher Mirza and Labour Behind the Label.

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Permutations: Theo Wright

permutations press comboCoventry-based weaver Theo Wright has been awarded funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England for a new project, Permutations.

This Grants for the Arts award will fund the development of new handwoven work for interior display, based on mathematical ideas in the area of combinatorics, looking specifically at the 24 permutations of four symbols.

Theo is best known for his handwoven scarves, some of which (such as the Symmetry scarf pictured) are also inspired by mathematics.
The finished textiles will be exhibited in June 2015 at the New Brewery Arts gallery in Cirencester alongside work by other makers from the Crafts Council Hothouse programme.

Combinatorics is an area of discrete mathematics that, loosely speaking, looks at the counting, ordering and combining of objects, and how sets of objects that meet certain criteria can be analysed and generated. It has applications in many areas, from calculating poker odds to bell ringing, from generating Pascal’s triangle to solving Rubik’s cube.

With a first degree in Computer Science followed by another in Textile Design 30 years later, it is perhaps unsurprising that Theo takes a distinctive systematic approach to his weaving.

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SIT Select : The Maker & the Retailer

SpeakersThe Maker and the Retailer

SIT Select will be staging a day of discussions and debate on Wednesday October 15th at Heal’s Quarter Cafe in Tottenham Court Road, London.

The Maker and the Retailer looks at the vital but thorny issue of combining craft with commerce. The first of the three sessions sees internationally acclaimed ceramicist Peter Ting (whose Flutter design has been used by Oasis Stores for one of their A/W 2014 fashion collections) who will be discussing the role commerce playing in fostering innovative craft and design with textile artist/designer Ptolemy Mann and Heal’s Creative Director Carmel Allen.
In the second, Gemma Waggett, RCA graduate and founder of e-store Nothing by Navy, will talk about getting started, her next career steps and reveal her exciting new work.
Finally, Guy Hills, co-founder of Dashing Tweeds, will tell the story of this exciting, innovative and distinctly idiosyncratic textile and menswear company.

Ticket price also includes lunch.
Times: 10.45am – 3pm
Venue: Heal’s Quarter Cafe, Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 7LQ.
Tickets:  £32 and can be purchased via SIT

sit select logo