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Job: The Humphries Weaving Co. Ltd

Humphries Weaveshed ImageTextile Design and Sales Assistant
The Humphries Weaving Company Ltd is a leading British manufacturer of custom Jacquard fabrics, gaining an international reputation in weaving fine furnishings.

With a varied portfolio of works they undertake client led projects for prestigious historical restorations, alongside the high end decorator market. They are looking to recruit a Textile Design and Sales Assistant to join their team.

The successful candidate will have a degree in woven textile design or have relevant experience in the field. With a professional attitude, the candidate must be able to confidently communicate with colleagues and clients alike.

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Tilburg TextielMuseum : Fiber Futures | Art from Japan

01_FiberfutureDates: 3 October 2015 until 7 February 2016 at the TextielMuseum, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

This autumn the TextielMuseum presents ‘Fiber Futures | Art from Japan’, a showcase of 30 Japanese artists at the cutting edge of the fiber art scene. Covering wall hangings, sculptures, monumental installations, video and architecture, the works on display provide an understated but at times exuberant picture of contemporary Japanese fiber art.

All the featured artists, who include both newcomers and established names such as Jun’ichi Arai, Naomi Kobayashi and Reiko Sudō, use flexible materials that range from silk, washi paper, jute and hemp to steel wire, synthetic fibre and even recycled cocoons. Their methods show a deep respect for tradition as well as an openness to the latest weaving and dying technology.

Tradition & innovation As the Japanese saying oshime kara uchū kaihatsu made – ‘from diapers to the Space Age’ – so wonderfully illustrates, textiles provide for the most basic human needs while also being integral to technical developments in industries such as aerospace. Continue reading →

TMO: The Mars Odyssey. Alexandra Lucas

_MG_9013Alexandra Lucas’s TMO: The Mars Odyssey, is a conceptual collection of Jacquard and Dobby woven conceptual fabrics that make up the six protective layers of a Mars Exploration Suit.

Her work can be seen at The Lethaby Gallery, London N1c 4AA within   ‘The Intelligent Optimist’ Exhibition,  a London Design Festival event 2015. 19th Sept – 17th Oct 2015.

Alexandra has woven concept textiles for: a radiation layer, 3 pressure layers, an oxygen and temperature layer, as well as a sensory membrane layer which detects the biometrics of the body.

She anticipates that after a period of time human bodies would start adapting to the conditions of Mars. Thus, if a layer is no longer needed it could be taken off to reveal the next layer. In the end,  the Mars Exploration Suit would enable humans to evolve and adapt over time and the suit itself would be no longer needed.

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London Design Festival


London Design Festival starts on Sat 19th Sept 2015. See the website for many events, fairs & projects happening all over London. Fairs include: Decorex International, Design Junction, Tent London, 100% Design

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Conference: Making It In Textiles 2015. Industry spaces available

WCW Conference panelMaking It in Textiles 2015 Tuesday 20th October, Bradford

This event is aimed at inspiring final-year textiles students to consider a career in the textile industry, especially beyond pure design roles.

It is designed to strengthen the link between education and the textile industry and to make relevant what is taught on degree courses as well as introducing students to prospective employers.

They have a number of fantastic expert industry speakers talking about the weave process from beginning to end:

-Kirsty McDougall, Co-founder, Dashing Tweeds
-Beryl Gibson, Textile Consultant
-Stephen Sheard, former MD and founder of Rowan Yarns
-Richard Humphries, Director, Humphries Weaving
-Gary Eastwood, Managing Director, Pennine Weavers
-Paul Johnson, Managing Director, W.T. Johnson & Sons
-Cheryl Kindness, Textile Artist

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Call for Entry: The Cordis Trust Prize for Tapestry

Anne Naustdal – Arid LandscapeFollowing the success and great critical acclaim of its first year, Visual Arts Scotland would like to announce the return of their major prize for woven tapestry, generously donated by the Cordis Trust.

The Cordis Trust Prize for Tapestry will be awarded at their annual exhibition in February 2016. The submission, open to professional tapestry artists worldwide is for a large tapestry, hand woven by the artist within the last five years. There is a prize of £5000.

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Áine Byrne: Texprint Weave 2015

1-1RCA graduate Áine Byrne is a woven textile maker and designer from Dublin, Ireland.

Inspired by the use of bright pigments used in Mexican Day of The Dead ceremonies and the sometimes irreverent approach to death in the Irish wake tradition, her work sounds dark but is actually playful and uplifting.

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Stephanie Rolph: Texprint Weave 2015

DSC_0209Tangible Impressions
physical presence in the digital world

One thing is clear; the uneasy balance between physical and digital will be one of the greatest struggles of the next generation. Tom Vavik

‘Tactile’ is becoming a buzzword for designers, journalists, technologists, and futurists alike. In today’s hyper-digitalised world we appear fascinated with the ‘real’: fetishizing the touching of physical materials and surfaces. Tactile is very much in fashion.

Tangible Impressions is a research project exploring this emerging trend; focusing on how, why and what we touch. Through photography, mark making and weaving Stephanie explores these issues and questioned: Whether textiles can record and represent physical presence in our digital world?

Like a hand print in concrete, a dropped programmatic tracking cookie on your browser or in imprint in a memory foam mattress; can textiles be part of a permanent or transient conversation between humans and physical surfaces?

Stephanie Rolph’s practise focuses on material research through practical experimentation, innovation and adaptation of traditional processes. Through weave she has created a collection of textiles that change and evolve through human interaction. Pulling, twisting, brushing, scrapping and stroking captured in highly tactile, conceptual pieces complimented by the quieter, graceful and intriguing pieces. Continue reading →

Hanna Vinlöf Nylén: Texprint Weave 2015

Hanna Vinlof Nylen5Hanna Vinlöf Nylén’s work centres around made up narratives inspired by her surroundings, daydreams, memorabilia and experiences.

Hanna’s graduate collection was inspired by how people from different age groups and demographics define their personal space by studying contrasting ways of living.

Hanna is originally from Sweden and moved to London 5 years ago and the concept for her collection originated from her passion for home décor.

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Yasmin Hussain: Texprint Weave 2015


Weave - Yasmin Hussain - 4Yasmin Hussain is a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins specialising in the construction of woven fabrics. Throughout the early part of her degree, she produced designs using the more traditional materials such as silks, wools and rayons. Some of these collections were inspired by patterns in her cultural background as well as intricate gates in London and bones.
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