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Jobs: Botany Weaving Mill Ltd

botanyweavingNewLogoBotany Weaving Mill Ltd is a specialised weaving mill in Dublin, Ireland producing high quality, woven textiles for the aircraft industry with a strong Design team and a skilled workforce. Botany Weaving  is a EN 9100 approved leading supplier of seat fabric and carpet to the aviation industry.

Employing 150 people across 3 facilities in Ireland they produce over 1.5 million metres of aircraft fabric. and carpet each year. Annual sales exceed €30 million and they have experienced rapid growth in recent years

They have two vacancies for a  Senior Textile Designer and a Textile Technologist

seat-fabric-airline.jpg_1Experienced  Textile Designer Vacancy
Botany are looking for an experienced Designer who will be involved with all stages of product development.

From receiving the brief to designing and detailing the fabrics and following the developments right through to production.

The role will be a combination of processing fabric designs through the mill, working on new collections, colouring designs, placing relevant yarn orders, developing high quality finishes and provide guidance to other designers.

The successful candidate will bring leadership in the development of new and creative textiles that meet strict industry standards and support team projects resulting in enhanced productivity.

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Profile: Mayumi Kaneko

andonMayumi Kaneko is a hand weaver who came to the UK in 2003 and learned weaving from local weavers. She was educated in the UK and finished her post graduate course at Bath School of Art and Design in 2013.

She develops woven textures and patterns to make beautiful and intriguing fabrics, having a great passion for materials in particular paper yarn. She designs for fashion, interiors and lighting.

Using paper yarn  woven fabrics  in conjunction with lighting, exciting visual effects are  produced. The woven fabrics can be folded in different patterns which are derived from Japanese origami techniques, creating strength. The resulting faceted shapes produce the variety of light and shadow. Her lights introduce the sculptural art of lighting and whist having strong abstract and geometric forms, show clear inspiration from natural growth forms.
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Launch: The Bristol Weaving Mill

64fee7_4791f5960f6940f8b7639bffb50aa2ca_jpg_srb_p_1004_668_75_22_0_50_1_20_0First all-female weaving mill opens in Bristol

Bristol’s first all-female weaving mill will open for business in Old Market from November 4th 2015. The arrival of The Bristol Weaving Mill also marks the return of a cloth-weaving mill to the city after a 90 year absence.

Founded by Juliet Bailey and Franki Brewer, The Bristol Weaving Mill was born out of their internationally renowned Bristol-based textile design studio Dash & Miller. Over the last 6 years the pair have provided hand woven textile design and consultancy across the UK, Europe, USA, and Asia working with such companies as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and Louis Vuitton.

This new machine driven weaving mill was the obvious next step for Director Juilet Bailey; ‘naturally, if a fashion house is interested in one of our designs they will also want to have it produced, and it’s this demand that has lead us down the path of manufacturing. Also by launching the mill we take back the creative control, so that everything from the design concept to the production of fabric is created in-house.”

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Winner: Bristol Cloth Design Competition

Bristol Cloth is a  100% wool fabric of classic heritage inspired design, prioritising locally sourced materials and manufacturing processes from the South West of the UK.

Wendy Kotenko has been awarded the first prize and was presented with the first 5m length of woven cloth, in a prizegiving ceremony at the Green Capital Lab space on the eve of October 28th 2015. Wendy’s design was chosen for the delicacy, versatility and timelessness of its basketry inspired design.

First place Runner Up was given to Rebecca Connolly, for her the strength and clarity of maritime inspired design,while Bristol based Becky Smith and Sophie Graney came
a very close second with their imaginative tweeds inspired by Bristol’s cycling culture and bicycle routes.

The finished cloth will soon be available for wholesale and retail purchase. Prospective clients are encouraged to register their interest by emailing:

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Film: Tana Bana – the warp and the weft

Copyright Annie DibbleTana Bana is a weaving term meaning ‘the warp and the weft.’ In Varanasi, the legendary Hindu city, it also means the warp and weft of time and space as well as the daily synergy of Hindu and Moslem. But now Varanasi is under threat.

If a single weaver can operate four power looms at the same time and the weavers are unable to teach their skills to their children, how can the city survive?

This unique, intimate documentary takes  a journey through a day in the life of Varanasi, challenging preconceptions along the way. From Hindu prayers on the Ganges at dawn, the film moves into a Moslem world where the hidden lives of women and children are gradually revealed as the weavers attempt to address the huge forces dominating their lives.

For a number of years the filmmakers have  filmed the Muslim handloom weavers and their community in Varanasi India – who make silk zari brocades and wedding saris.

Tana Bana will show as part of the V&A Museum Fabric of India Exhibition on the 16th November 2015. The hosts are the London Asia Film Festival and the venue is Regent’s Street Cinema, W1. Continue reading →